Mclaren Circus visit on Saturday, 13th April 2024

A visit to the famous Mclaren Circus had the boys all excited on Saturday when we were offered a sponsorship to attend the Circus – The boys were entertained by acrobatic stunts, swining from the top of the tent. Some of the boys who attends the Zip Zap academy,  recognised some of the stunts that they are taught at Zip Zap too. We explained to them that it can become a career. They particularly loved the motorcycle racing in the ball pit and took some photo’s with the stuntmen and women. Special thanks to the performers for making our boys feel special. They loved the attention and even tried some of the stands the next day. They spoke about the clowns, the lions , camels and the lady with the Pythons and the swings ….. they were so overjoyed to come and tell the other staff that could not go with to the Circus.

Special thanks to Duncan Mclaren who arranged for the sponsorship of the tickets for the boys to attend the Circus. We wish you guys well in your future endeavours and looking forward to your next visit.

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