School is Fun

It has been with excitement that some of the boys do their assignments and tasks and are very creative. Some of the tasks children were requested to do for their respective grades were:

Peer pressure – positive and negative – The topic borders and filters through to other topics of interest, Bullying and Belonging.

The boys find themselves in situations where they might be forced to do something they know is wrong because they want to have friends e.g. Kicking a hard ball in the hall is forbidden (only soft ball allowed) – so other boys would coerce a child to kick hard saying they cannot do anything to you. This forms part of peer pressure because knowing it should not be done, the child will do it. – This is negative peer pressure.

Positive peer pressure however does the youngsters well as older boys would be seen as role models, mentors and helping his younger sibling -to strive for better grades and help him to study.

When visiting, always encourage the boys to do the right thing…they need all the positive support to help steer them in the right direction.

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