Vrolike Groepe Pre Grade R Class

The Vrolike Groepe Pre grade R class – kept busy with Teacher Natasha Haynie daily – Due to Covid and to be in line with school regulations , only 15 -20 children can attend the class – Ms Haynie has hence two groups of 15 children that come alternative days.

Story Time is always fun for the little ones – as part of our Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) Programmes – we offer the Pre grade R class  to the community of Elsies river as a no fees education.  The Pinelands Church Ladies -Johanna, Martie and Lynette visited the school after months of lockdown and restricted visits to do story time with the kids – Pineland NG Church has been involved with this project since inception in 2010. Special Thanks to their commitment and their donations to help us cover the cost of the project. Your donations and your prayers are appreciated.  

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