Chrysalis Youth Camp


Excitement builds as we neared the date of the camp with our boys. Some of the staff, praying that we would occupy the chalet instead of the tented camp site. On Friday,1st July 2022, we were ready for action and the younger boys were very eager to take on this journey. We experienced some “on the day” resistance from the older boys, as was expected even though we have included them in the planning leading up to the camp.

Day 1  – despite resistance , the younger boys participated in all the activities offered by Moses and Abongile- representatives from Chrysalis academy. After introductions and welcome activities, we did a hike for approximately 6-8 km – The hike had to be done on Friday as the weather was predicted stormy /rainy for the Saturday. After the hike, supper was given and prepared by Riccardo – Potjie kos. And followed with some card games and dominoes. Roasted mashmallows after supper was a good interaction session with boys.

Day 2 – Some of the boys accepted the challenges and the opportunity given and the CA team leaders were very patient. Interactive games, group work, teamwork and strategic mind games kept them occupied. It was evident that certain boys showed great leadership skills. After lunch, they had the opportunity to go on the zip line. This rose lots of interest and after a safety talk and precautionary checks, they enjoyed this. Few of the boys and staff were scared but went anyway coming down with screams. Others dared not to take the plunge and changed their mind last minute. 

Later they played Dutch Ball / base ball combined with the staff. The day ended with a braai for supper prepared by Allan and Melissa. 

Day 3- due to the weather, many of the physical activities could not be done as it was pouring down with rain on Sunday morning. We also had an exciting yet daunting visit from the Baboon family who watched as we loaded bags after breakfast. One of our staff, Claudia even had a tug of war with her bag with one of the baboons. It was exciting to see how they carefully planned their visit from all angles. We were advised by Moses and Abongile to stay inside – as the baboons were intrigued by their visitors. 

The camp ended earlier after we had our whine down and feedback and evaluation session, leaving camp by 13h00 and saying our thank you’s and good byes. Greeting us back home was a lovely Sunday cooked meal by Aunty Katy.

Special thanks to all the staff who attended this camp and offered up their time as it served as a great team building for staff too. Thanks for the staff who prepared the meals and all those who interacted and made this camp a success.

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